DOWNLOAD: Making Steady, Sustainable Progress for Nigeria’s Peace and Prosperity – A Mid-Term Scorecard on the President Muhammadu Buhari Administration

This fact-based compendium is a midterm report of the President Buhari administration.

The administration has been able to unearth evidence of the decay, the corruption, and why the spectre of insecurity persisted. In the courts, in speech and by personal conduct, a new morality in public duty is being fashioned that corruption does not pay, that Nigeria remains vulnerable when any portion of it is shackled and that the future cannot be assured if wanton consumption is not tempered with discipline and prudence.

From addressing the challenges in education to agriculture, militancy in the Niger Delta to terrorism in the Sahel, armed banditry and cattle rustling in the Savannah, the Buhari administration continues to soldier on, making steady progress in the resolute effort to make Nigeria more secure and improve the living conditions of the Nigerian people.

The emphasis has been on diversification from overdependence on the oil sector to fresh look at understated sectors of the economy from agriculture to mining; from the creative arts to tourism.

The message of this midterm report is one of increased stability, of difficult but necessary lessons, and of firm and balanced march from economic dependency to regeneration.


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